Voter FAQ

When are the Advanced Polls?

Friday, October 11th - Monday, October 14th, 2019

When is Election Day?

Monday, October 21st, 2019 

Where do I vote?

Find out here!

I won't be around for the Advanced Polls or Election Day, how do I vote?

You can vote by Special Ballot today at any Elections Canada Office!

You will need one piece of valid Photo Identification and one piece of mail/documentation containing your name and address!

Where are the Elections Canada Offices in our Riding?

517 9th Street North, Martensville SK | 1-866-298-6223

802 6th Ave East, Rosetown SK | 1-866-647-3774

10333 8th Avenue, Humbolt SK | 1-833-578-7436

What are the Elections Canada Office hours?

12PM - 4PM     Sunday     

9AM – 9PM      Monday

9AM – 9PM      Tuesday

9AM – 9PM      Wednesday

9AM - 9PM       Thursday

9AM - 9PM       Friday

9AM - 6PM       Saturday

How do I contact Elections Canada?