Important Notice to Conservative Party Members

January 26, 2022

Your local Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek Conservative Association just passed this motion:

Motion Passed by the Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek Conservative Electoral District Association (EDA) on January 25, 2022:

The Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek Conservative EDA board hereby requests the following of National Council and the Party Leadership:

1. To ensure a united and strong Conservative Party of Canada in preparation for an election which could be called at any time in a minority parliament, a leadership review be held by June 15, 2022.


2. The EDA will communicate this motion to National Council, our Member of Parliament and other EDAs.

As the elected representatives of the membership, we are the voice of the Conservative Party members in Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek.

Lastly, please consider supporting our local Association with a DONATION. Political donations receive a generous tax deduction and will be put to use opposing Justin Trudeau and his divisive policies.


The Board of Directors of the Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek Conservative Electoral District Association