MP Report on Brad Wall's Retirement

August 11, 2017

Dear Friends,


Yesterday, Brad Wall announced that he would retire from politics once the Saskatchewan Party elects a new leader.


Whether you liked Premier Wall or not, he has left his mark on Saskatchewan history and in Saskatchewan politics.


His retirement will bring to an end an amazing 18 year career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, 13 year career as leader of the Saskatchewan Party and 10 year career as Premier of Saskatchewan.


After 10 years as Premier, his record speaks for itself. Saskatchewan’s economy and population grew and expanded as never before.


Premier Wall’s vision of a prosperous, growing Saskatchewan earned the Saskatchewan Party three straight majority governments.


As Premier, Brad Wall has been a powerful advocate for Saskatchewan and for small government and free market ideas both here in Canada and around the world.


Many Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast have appreciated Brad’s leadership on the national stage, particularly his opposition to a national carbon tax.


Throughout Brad’s premiership, he has always been a strong voice for Saskatchewan and the industries on which the province relies for its prosperity and growth; including agriculture, resource development and the transportation infrastructure necessary to safely and efficiently move our products to market.


I wish Brad and Tami all the best in the future.


Have a great weekend everyone.